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Pokemon Tabletop Adventures campaign set in the land of Tatsu
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The game takes place in a new region named Tatsu. Tatsu as a whole likes to keep to itself these days, but at one point was a major world power. Religion has always played a major role in Tatsu, and there are many Pokemon that are considered sacred and many temples devoted to these Pokemon. Over time, people from other regions came to Tatsu, either to stay or to visit, and many of them became interested in this culture. Some of them, however, realized how much money there is in the market of priceless cultural and historical artifacts, and Tatsu was hit by a major crime wave. Major cities were turned into slums, and many of the ancient temples fell apart in the process. The authorities have been attempting to stop the rampant crime, but have been unable to completely stop it.
In more recent history, a company named Solarus Inc. has received a meteoric rise within the region. Solarus has become involved in nearly every industry that matters to Pokemon trainers. Throughout Solarus’s rise, the company has donated large amounts to local charities and police forces, and the CEO has made grandiose promises to stamp out the various “Teams” controlling major cities and to restore Tatsu to its former glory.
Not long after this, an organization known as Team DAL formed and near immediately began attempting takeovers of other crime organizations. Their motives are as of yet unknown, but Solarus has been paying extra attention to DAL and has promised that the organization will not have a chance to flourish.
And this is the Cliffnotes version of the game world’s history. Any of this may or may not come into play during the campaign, and more information may or may not come into light. Of course, it all depends on your actions and how the story plays out.

Various campaign notes recap:
There are many gyms in Tatsu, one for each Pokemon type and one multi-type gym. The multi-type gym is controlled by Solarus Inc. and cannot be accessed without invitation. Once a trainer receives seven badges from other gyms, they will be contacted by Solarus and receive an invitation, with which they will be granted entry to the gym.
Each gym will have some form of gimmick, which will either change the way the battle will work, or make it harder to reach the Gym Leader himself. The gimmick will usually reflect some value that the gym leader believes a strong Pokemon trainer must hold.
I’m attaching a map of the region. I tried adding marks to show which town was which, but I couldn’t get it to come out well. Just know that you start in the small blue dot on the third plot of land down. Red dots are cities that have a gym, blue towns are either small towns with no gym or other points of interest. There may be other towns/points of interest that do not appear on the map, as in-universe it’s a little outdated.

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